I'm curious about how you choose and ad the vocals to the rest of your tracks? i make tracks but when i want to ad vocals i don't know where to start.My voice is shit so should i find an acapella and fit my track to it , or create a song then sing a theme whit my shitty voice and then replace it with various samples of voices picked here and here. or maybe should i be friends with singers? ad vocals seems to me difficult because i want it to be forefront but i struggle to execute the idea in a way that sound realistic , any tips . Thanks you

Ott responded on 06/13/2018

To me the human voice is just another instrument, and a vocal is much the same as a sitar or a flute or a TB303.

For me the rule is nothing with a literal lyrical meaning, sung in English. if I can derive any kind of literal meaning from the words I won't use it. There are a few exceptions - the opening track on 'Fairchildren' for example, but that was such a perfect way to open an album that I had to use it. And I've still no idea what on Earth she's on about.

Processing vocals is an art in itself - the human voice is incredibly dynamic and tonally flexible and it can take a lot of work and experience to get it to sit properly in a track.

Keep struggling though because if you can get it right a well-chosen vocal can really lift a track.

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