Will you ever go as far down to South Florida in the future to perform? If you did, then I probably missed out without knowing.
Second, I literally cannot stop listening to your art. Every time I hear what you have made, there's something new I find or an amazing feeling that comes up and creates something akin to a sunshine clearing the darkness. Even listening and reviewing objectively-wise, there is a unique intricacy displayed that proves to me that the potential we have as conscious beings is near, if not equal to infinity.

Back to the point, lol. Was wondering if you could possibly hint at when your next album should be popping up this year or if not, the next. I have compared all of your discography and concoctions of joy together and it puts a huge smile on my face knowing that a new one might be coming soon. I'm especially eager about this and about planning out when I can finally see you live.

Anywho, thank you for yourself and your creations. May you have a blessed year.

Ott responded on 02/12/2018

I've played in Miami a few times - is that south?

I'm working on my new album as we speak. I've written fourteen songs, eight of which are brilliant, five are ok, and one is total shit. I'm hoping to have it finished by August and then I'll be touring all through September and October.

Hope to see you there. :0)

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