Hi Mr. Ott,

I remember you stating that you are mixing your kick and bass (and possibly snare) a little louder on tracks and then letting the mastering engineer tame the dynamics. So do you think if I work with a limiter on my master buss at a moderate level while mixing it would screw up my mix in general. I wouldn't want to be surprised if I had it professionally mastered and lost some punch. I've heard arguments on both side so decided to ask your opinion. Yes, and I know what you think of opinions... They are like assholes, everyone has one :0) ...I always remind my daughter. Thanks and sending good vibes for your new album.

Ott responded on 02/12/2018

I always mix it to sound right [I don't always succeed] but I err on the side of 'slightly too loud' with the kick and snare because if I do fuck it up I'd rather they were too loud than too quiet. If I overdo it a bit it's quite a simple matter to have the mastering engineer hammer them back in a bit, which usually adds to the pump and bounce of the track.

I'd only have a limiter on my master buss to catch digital overloads [I work with a Waves L2 set at -0.3dB ceiling].

All of my music has been mixed with no processing on the master buss because I never found a buss processor I liked, but these days I work with a Waves SSL buss compressor across everything and I'm really loving the results. Sounds exactly like the real thing and way better than any of the clones you can buy.

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