Hi Ott,

You Mentioned that... I'd only have a limiter on my master buss to catch digital overloads [I work with a Waves L2 set at -0.3dB ceiling].

If you work at k-14 then the limiter would never kick in though or even come close to -0.3dB. Am I missing something? Thanks

Ott responded on 02/13/2018

*Rarely* kicks in, but for the tiny amount of CPU overhead it consumes it functions as a very cheap digital insurance policy.

I mix at -14dBVU but when I'm recording, baked at 4:00am, and I'm getting a bit heavy handed with the resonance on an MS20, it's nice to know I'll never hear that nasty digital overload. I have a Waves Extreme server so I work with a [zero latency] L2 across my inputs too.

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