Gene Wilder or Dave Chappelle?

What's wisest in your mind, working on creating sounds I enjoy until and because I like truly them, or get my music out there and learn from live performing/mistakes but at the cost of really making it interesting?

I like it more as an art, but feel the second is somehow necessary if I want it to support itself, but that also feels like giving up short of the artistic goal ...

Ott responded on 02/22/2018

1. No idea who Dave Chappelle is. I like Gene Wilder but only with Richard Pryor.

2. You kind-of answered your own question. If you're not 'feeling it' you can't expect anyone else to. Uninteresting music won't get you anywhere, and you won't even have the joy of having created what you consider to be great art either. That's a lose-lose.

If you're not stretching yourself to make the best art you can you're merely 'generating content' and the world is awash with 'content'. 'Content' has little value of any kind, except as a way of masking silence.

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