Any tips for breakdowns? You just made me self aware of my fear of breakdowns good sir...

Ott responded on 02/22/2018

A breakdown is an opportunity to be totally self indulgent. In culinary terms, a breakdown is like a raspberry soufflé served with sharp gooseberry foam and créme Anglais. Nutritionally quite empty but still capable of lifting the spirit.

If the style of music you make requires you to stick rigidly to a rhythmic template and tempo and you run the risk of alienating your drug-fucked, short-attention-span audience by drifting 'off-piste- for thirty seconds every 6 minutes then you're probably best steering clear. I don't have that problem.

I like long, indulgent intros, breakdowns and endings, and each one is trying to be a little miniature ambient universe, all of its own. The breakdowns are often my favourite parts of my own songs.

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