I've been struggling with the art of compression for YEARS now, and still usually can't get it right. I'll tweak the compressor until it "sounds good", then possibly dial it back a bit for subtlety, but when I a/b the wet/dry signal, the dry almost ALWAYS sounds better to my ears. Only rarely can I get the compressor to do something 'nice' when tweaking by ear. (The only somewhat-reliable success I have is going 'by the books' with settings, or using presets with mild tweaking.) I know what all the compressor settings 'technically' do, but maybe I'm just not properly hearing the sum of their parts, or able to use them intelligently. Any suggestions? Am I approaching the whole thing wrong?

Ott responded on 06/10/2018

No, if it's not a sound you like then don't use it. I fucking hate trumpets so I just don't use trumpets.

In all art there's no right way to do anything. There's certainly no rule that says you have to use compressors. Maybe your non-use of dynamics processing is what makes your mixes special?

I've worked with loads of people who blanche at my use of four compressors in series on a sound which already has no dynamic range. As my friend Ted Page once noted 'You can't compress a fucking square wave!"

So I brought up a square wave, inserted a Drawmer LX20 across it and turned all the knobs up. We both agreed it sounded better.

P.s. The clue is in the line: "...until it "sounds good", then possibly dial it back a bit for subtlety".

Why would you dial it back? If it "sounds good" then leave it the fuck alone. If anything, turn it up a bit to make it more "good".

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I can't believe you've already made 14 songs for your album... Can't wait for it to drop soon. And yeah Miami is exactly where I'm at. Hopefully you'll be invited to perform down here again some day, I still have to see you live, lol.

I have three concerns I'd like to discuss:

1) I'm still amazed at Rogue Bagel because of how you arranged the vocals and the samples at the end of the song. That to me is the epitome of pure happiness; never gets old, especially the final climax with all those instruments. Will your new album resemble Skylon in the slightest or is it going towards an uncharted direction?

2) Is there a certain genre of music that you have discovered recently that you enjoy a lot?

3) Would you ever do DMT within the next 10 years or so and continue making music by that time? I'm actually really intrigued to witness how your experience can influence the kind of music you'd make, considering how some of your songs already make me feel like I'm on the deemz, lol.


Ott responded on 06/10/2018
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Hello sir!
Just a question about monitors. I've seen you praising the hs5's a lot as the best value-for-money monitors , but not the hs7's or the hs8's. Is this done intentionally because you consider the 5's more balanced than the other two, or is it just because you can focus more on the mid range coherence with the 5's ?

Also what's your opinion on the genelec 8040/8050 ?
Any other set of monitors you would recommend? (perhaps apart from the ns10's of course, since they are hard to find these days)!

Thank you for your great tunes and for being so kind to answer our questions!

Ott responded on 06/10/2018
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