Hello sir!
Just a question about monitors. I've seen you praising the hs5's a lot as the best value-for-money monitors , but not the hs7's or the hs8's. Is this done intentionally because you consider the 5's more balanced than the other two, or is it just because you can focus more on the mid range coherence with the 5's ?

Also what's your opinion on the genelec 8040/8050 ?
Any other set of monitors you would recommend? (perhaps apart from the ns10's of course, since they are hard to find these days)!

Thank you for your great tunes and for being so kind to answer our questions!

Ott responded on 06/10/2018

I've never heard a Genelec monitor I liked. I've always found them to be a bit fizzy and insubstantial.

The HS50M was a magic speaker, a cheap ported active monitor with a transient response approaching that of a sealed box type. The HS5 sounds even better to my ears.

I listened to the HS80s and found them to be slow, smeared and poorly balanced between low/mid/high frequencies. They sounded no better than any other cheap powered/ported monitor.

I would recommend the HS50M or the HS5. Apart from my trusty NS10s I have never heard any other monitor I'd want to sit in front of for hours at a time.

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