I can't believe you've already made 14 songs for your album... Can't wait for it to drop soon. And yeah Miami is exactly where I'm at. Hopefully you'll be invited to perform down here again some day, I still have to see you live, lol.

I have three concerns I'd like to discuss:

1) I'm still amazed at Rogue Bagel because of how you arranged the vocals and the samples at the end of the song. That to me is the epitome of pure happiness; never gets old, especially the final climax with all those instruments. Will your new album resemble Skylon in the slightest or is it going towards an uncharted direction?

2) Is there a certain genre of music that you have discovered recently that you enjoy a lot?

3) Would you ever do DMT within the next 10 years or so and continue making music by that time? I'm actually really intrigued to witness how your experience can influence the kind of music you'd make, considering how some of your songs already make me feel like I'm on the deemz, lol.


Ott responded on 06/10/2018

1. It's going wherever it pleases. I'm more of a passenger than you'd think.

2. No. If it's in a 'genre' then I probably don't like it. Generic music is not interesting to me.

3. If an irresistible opportunity presents itself then I'll take it. Otherwise I'm happy to remain oblivious to its charms. Every day is a psychedelic experience.

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