I met my sexy hubby through the internet. I love hearing how couples meet and become great couples. What is your story?

Ott responded on 06/10/2018

In 2003 I got my first ever gig offer from an outfit called Tribe Of Frog, in Bristol. They were having a festival and wanted me to play. On the day it was meant to start the police showed up with a 'Section 63' notice and called it off. In Britain back then there was a law against dancing in fields to 'repetitive beats'.

One of their crew, a woman called Zoe, was assigned to phone me and tell me it had been cancelled and we ended up chatting on the phone for an hour. I remember being quite enamoured of her stoicism and intelligence.

A few months later they invited me to play a club show at their venue in Bristol and when I arrived I was shown to my dressing room by quite the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. When I released it was the woman from the phone call I was smitten. I confided in a mutual friend who sneakily invited us both to dinner and it all started from there. 14 years later it still feels like day one. She's the Queen Of All Everything.

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