Good afternoon, sir!
I know you've had your differences with Resonance in the past, and swore to never come back, but do you think you'd reconsider? I figured since Tipper was added, sound would no longer be an issue, and would be more inviting to you. My first time seeing you was Resonance 2016, and I fell in love. Would love to see you back "home" this year! Thanks again for producing the best music my ears have ever heard!!

Ott responded on 06/13/2018

Sound wasn't an issue last year if you were on the right stage. The main stage sounded massive but unfortunately for me they had me in a little tent up the hill which didn't.

I had played a solo set in the same tent the previous year and it was rocking, so I had no qualms when they took me there, but the previous band sounded pretty rough and there was obviously an issue with the sound system, the crew or both. . Some people online suggested it was because the tent wasn't big enough for my ego but that honestly wasn't the case. I'll happily play your outside toilet if the sound system is up to spec and the engineer knows what she or he is doing. .

I don't recall swearing never to return, but I doubt they'll ever invite me again. In any case I haven't been invited this year so I definitely won't be there, but I hope you and everyone who goes has an awesome time.

Don't take the brown acid.

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