Could you go a bit more into your hatred of cities? I've lived in/near them my whole life and now that I'm about to graduate I'm wondering if going somewhere quieter will help with my creativity/productivity/social anxiety.

What do you love about being in relative isolation in the countryside? What repulses you when you're in a city?

Ott responded on 07/09/2018

Dog shit, crack heads, concrete, dumpster juice, street violence, people shouting at 3:00am, the overbearing presence of cars, expensive housing, light pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, and a 360-degree man-made horizon, formed predominantly from right-angles.

As opposed to the inverse of that. No-brainer.

I lived in London all through my 20s and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. Then I hit thirty and realised I wanted to leave and never go back there again. That feeling persists.

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