I imagine you've heard Wendy Carlos's Classical music synth work, but have you ever been inspired to 'ott-ify' any classical tunes yourself?

I bet you could do something amazing with gurt baroque pipe organ tunes, or maybe your own version of the planet suite (for extra marks you get to invent your own alien world too).

Ott responded on 07/09/2018

Yes, I was raised on Switched On Bach, The Well-Tempered Synthesiser and A Clockwork Orange. I regularly regurgitate Wendy Carlos influences, the vocoder choir at the end of Ode To Joy in particular.

There's a sample of a recording of 'Aquarium" from Saint-Saens' 'Carnival Of The Animals' hidden somewhere on one of my tracks but you probably wouldn't recognise it after it has been through the Doepfer a few times.

I've never been tempted to interpret any classical music. Much too premeditated for me.

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