1) What are your routines when it comes to getting kick and bass to sound good when they hit together?

2) Do you use extreme EQ settings?

Best wishes from Russia!

Ott responded on 08/02/2018


1. First thing to do is to make sure your bassline and kik pattern are not shit. Second thing is to make sure the bass and kik are in tune with each other. This probably means tuning the kik drum to match the key of the song. Use compression and EQ to shape them to your liking. Monitor quietly and periodically place your thumb on the speaker cone to feel how they are interacting with each other.

2. Less so as time goes on. Occasionally a sound needs a 12dB cut or boost but I find my EQ settings become more and more subtle as the production progresses. At mixdown I’m doing ½ dB cuts and boosts.

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