play ted nugent

Ott responded on 10/03/2018

When I was a teenager during the 1980s I had an acquaintance who owned a jacked up MK3 Ford Cortina with a bonnet scoop fashioned from an old oil can and big wide wheels on the back. It was a heap of shit but it was a car and at 15 years of age I was easily impressed.

In the glove box there were a few cassette tape boxes, one of which featured a hairy dude in flared trousers playing a guitar which was also a machine gun, spraying bullets. It was called 'Weekend Warriors' and it was by somebody called Ted Nugent. We played it once - it was, predictably, shit - and from then on Ted Nugent became a byword for all that was irredeemably whack.

Fast forward 35 years and he's still flying the flag for all that is execrable.

Go Ted, go.

I still have no fucking clue who Kid Rock is, or was.

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