Dear Ott! Loved seeing you again at Psy-Fi festival this year. Amazing set as always and also really enjoyed the new tunes!! I brought two friends with me who weren't so familiar with your music but they loved it as well. So thank you for giving us that shared experience.

As we got back to our camp that night, my friends pulled out a blue turtle that glows a relaxing LED-light and plays soft ambient music, and I really have to say it put us all in a 'nice little place'. I was hit by the feeling you might already know this turtle, or am I crazy? (c:

Much love

Ott responded on 10/03/2018

You're as mad as a fucking bicycle, as far as I can tell, but in a good way. Long may you continue.

Psy-Fi was excellent as usual - wasn't CloZee just brilliant?

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