What about eurorack/modular system? What are your thought about it? Future of music or just a trend? If i buy you all the best modules on the market would you make an album entirely with a modular system? is it an idea that could seduce you? Bye

Ott responded on 10/03/2018

I have a large Eurorack setup, mainly Doepfer A-100, and I have long had the wish to make an album with just it and maybe an analogue sequencer.

I don't think modular synths are the future of music or a trend - they're just another tool in the box. Some people are inspired by the methodology of building cause-and-effect machines with wires and voltages, and I definitely enjoyed being freed from the tyranny of the mouse and screen, but then I love to fire up a big digital polysynth [I LOVE my Roland System 8] and create clouds of evolving polyphonic atmosphere to go with the rubbery monophonic grumbling.

Ultimately I'll use whatever is lying about so if you want to buy me loads of esoteric Eurorack modules I'll definitely use them and I'll even put your name on my record sleeve as Executive Producer.

That's going to cost you a fucking lot of Eurorack modules, though, so this plan will only work if you're rich.

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