Do you meditate? before making music.
How do you relax yourself?
How do you handle overthinking

Ott responded on 10/03/2018

Yes, but not in the 'cross-legged, chanting OM' kind-of way.

I have a collection of British post-war documentaries which I watch over and over, about things like the steel industry or city planning. I'm very fond of the work of Iain Nairn, who wrote books and made films about the architectural history of Britain in the post-war period and I will watch two hours of him before I start a day in the studio.

Two large drops of CBD oil under my tongue.
Two deep inhalations from my Storz and Bickel 'Mighty' vapouriser.
Double-shot oat milk latte.
Four episodes of 'Nairn Across Britain' on YouTube.

Start work.

I used to suffer with overthinking but I cured myself with the mantra 'It's all bullshit, none of it matters'.

That gets easier as I get older.

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