You mention in one of your answers, that as the production quality kept going up, you find yourself not having to EQ (cut or boost) as much. Is there any conscious change one requires to bring into their production practice, in order to have the level go up? For instance, being particular about your sound sources as a producer or any other technical aspects you feel one needs to be aware of for improving the quality of production.

Ott responded on 11/03/2018

What I [probably] meant was that one of the mistakes I used to make in the early days was to think EQ was the only tool in the box and while miking up a drum kit I would try to correct a flabby bass drum sound by winding in loads of 5kHz on the EQ, rather than just moving the mic closer to the impact spot or using a different mic.

These days, rather than taking the wrong sound and trying to EQ it 'right', I just select the right sound at source. This could be an acoustic source [drums, guitar, etc] or a synth sound, sample etc.

So, yes, what you said. :0)

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