Just saw you in Detroit last night. I was so excited to have you in Michigan again! At this point my hubby and I have seen you more in other states than our own so I'm happy to see this might be a place for you to come back to. :) We LOVED the new music. Thank you!!!

You mentioned last night that you were coming from CA, it got me wondering how you travel in the states when on tour. Are you renting a car and driving across the country or flying across the longer stretches?

Ott responded on 10/22/2018


Yes, if it’s driveable [up to 8 hours in a day] we drive it, because airports are shit and we like to be able to open the windows, stop when we like and not have our testicles x-rayed.

Otherwise we have to fly, as we did from Reno to Denver, and then Denver to Detroit yesterday. Now we’re driving to Minneapolis and then back to Chicago, after which Nick and Seb will fly back to London and I’ll go to Austin, TX and then down to Florida for Hulaween.

Thanks for coming out to the show last night, it was one of our favourites of the whole tour. The warmth of the people at that show - the promoters, dancers, painters, crew and organisers, as well as your good selves, the members of the audience - was notable and welcome. Can’t wait to return.

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