Hello Ott,

This is a vague question but quite often when i'm listening to your music or any other well produced music, there's a sense air in the mix. It's more like the song breathes and feels good over all (sonically speaking). While listening to my own, even if it sounds clean, still lacks that aspect of the mix breathing and feeling calming to the ears. Do you have any thoughts on this? I am trying to get some help on whether this could be a production or mixing related issue? Thank you!

Ott responded on 02/01/2019

It's a psychology-related issue.

Your music will never sound as magical to your ears as other peoples' does, because you know how yours was made and what it was made from. Objectivity is difficult, bordering on impossible.

When I hear The Orb's 'Towers Of Dub' I hear [and see] a vast, intricately-layered universe of magical sounds, frequencies and rhythms.

When I hear one of my own I hear endless sleepless nights, computer crashes, mushy rough mixes and crap bass lines I had to go through to get to the finished thing. What I hear loudest are its shortcomings.

Other people's music = magic.
Your own music = work in progress.

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