I was driving to work and realised i don’t know the rules re brushing my teeth at an Ott gig, do I bring toothpaste? Will there be somewhere to spit? Is there a certain time?
Can I use my electric toothbrush or should I buy an old school manual model?

Ott responded on 02/01/2019

I didn't make it up so they're not my rules. Maybe ask @nahaaal.

General decorum dictates that it's not nice to spit anywhere, least of all a dance floor. Some people dry-brush and some people make their own edible toothpaste [true!].

If you're adhering to the rules of the original flashmob, you must start brushing at the second drop in Baby Robot, just after the stuttery bit in the middle, and stop when the song ends.

But hey - you do you.

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