Hello, i use the korg monopoly vst , i like it very much great sound eand easy to use but i have to say shitty interface.
i know you have one , i read somewhere that you have modified it , what those enhancement bring ?

Ott responded on 02/01/2019

I love my MonoPoly. I first saw one brand new a shop in 1981 and instantly wanted it. As a kid, while all my friends were playing football, I used to hang around the synth section of my local music store. They tolerated me because I was polite and didn't get in the way. Unfortunately I was only 13 and didn't have £500 to burn. I eventually bought mine in 1999 - for the same price.

It is modified for external audio to filter in, VCO 1 as a modulation source to filter and other oscillators [FM], external CV to PWM and an IEC mains socket instead of the trailing cable.

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