Hello Ott, i see you have a roland system 8, how do you find it as a synth good analogue emulation or just makes nic e sounds anyway.

Ott responded on 02/21/2019

It’s my ‘desert island’ synth.

The System 8 itself is a well-featured digital synth with very well laid-out analogue-style controls.

But it’s also a Jupiter 8, a Juno 106, a JX3P, a System 100, a ProMars, an SH101 and a vocoder, with an arpeggiator, a sequencer and a built in midi/audio interface. For the money it’s incredible.

I’ve owned a 106 and a JX3P and I can tell you the emulations are spot-on. Search for Gordon Reid’s review for Sound On Sound magazine - he did a direct comparison with his own Jupiter 8 and confirmed they were virtually indistinguishable.

It’s not cheap but I doubt there’s a better polysynth for the money. I have a lot of analogue synths and it holds its own against all of them. Never thought I’d be able to afford a Jupiter 8.

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