I saw your video on Instagram. Wonderful news. And your studio is great too..
I'm wonder how you are dealing with "normal life things" like houseworks, cooking, birthdays, cut the grass, social life..etc .. You are in the studio all day, or you work in the night?
My best wishes of happiness and inspiration

P.S. No matter how long it takes ... I will be waiting to buy your album.

Ott responded on 03/20/2019

I pretty much exclusively work at night. I tend to start at about 10pm and work until 6:45am when my wife Zoe’s alarm clock goes off. I take her a cup of tea and get into the warm bed.

When I’m working I’m obsessed and good for not much else. Zoe keeps it all together and she does it with astonishing grace and efficiency. She looks after me, our daughter Daisy, three dogs, a cat, four fish, the house AND she does all our mail order sales, all of the accounts, the garden, three yoga sessions a week, etc, etc.

I have to constantly remind myself to wash the dishes or vacuum the hall or clean the bathroom whenever I notice it needs doing but she definitely carries me. She’s amazing and I really don’t deserve her.

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