Hey Ott!
What is your opinion on the use of realistic drum sounds (in dub music especially) without being a drummer or record drums? And what about the transformation/appropriation process of sounds. I specify that I suppose you're not a drummer and you don't record drums.
I am very curious about your answer.
Thanks for your music.

Ott responded on 04/19/2019

I am a drummer and I do record sounds. I also sample them, make them with analogue synths, I use drum machines, whatever works.

There are so many great drum sound libraries available these days that it's perfectly possible to program something which could pass for a real drummer playing a real kit, but it helps a great deal to be able to think like a drummer.

When I program 'real' sounding drums I'm usually trying to create what I would play if I was technically able, and I generally imagine myself behind the kit. I'm not obsessive about the realism though, and most of my drum parts would need five arms and three legs to play them.

As always it's about what sounds good.

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