Ive noticed you have purchased multiple Waldorf Pulses, is this an ongoing collection, or was it a job lot and why! do they run in poly chain mode or was that the pulse plus, or are you modding them to create the worlds biggest poly synth that grows each year.Thanks In Advance.Malk

Ott responded on 05/29/2019

A friend of mine had a few hardware synths functioning as doorstops in his studio and somewhat impulsively I offered to buy them as a job lot, which he accepted gleefully. One of them was a Waldorf Pulse Which was the last one I switched on and the one I least expected to like.
It turned out to be brilliant.

I discovered from reading the manual that you can poly-chain them, which I took as a challenge, and set about buying up cheap ones from eBay. I paid between £200 - £250 and ended up scoring another four. I also bought a cheap passive summing box to sum the outputs and a 5A 12v PSU to power them.

The polychaining works flawlessly and it sounds magnificent in full flight, but it’s not something you’d use to whizz up a quick pad sound. It’s a bit... ‘idiosyncratic’. Does fantastic ‘broken robot’ noises and ridiculously huge unison bass things.

Not terribly portable.

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