Hi Ott, You drums always sound so great and tight. what's your secret and fx chains like. Do you process Kick and snare separately than the rest of the kit? or do you get all your kit going through something like a dbx 160 at the end? As much info as you can fit here would be massively appreciated. Thanks for all you do!

Ott responded on 07/15/2019

I process everything separately and gradually combine the elements into stereo audio mix downs. So, by the end of a mix, from maybe 30 individual sounds the elements will be grouped and bounced down into tracks like 'hats' and 'snares' and kicks' ][always more than one of each] etc. I'll usually end up with 6 stereo tracks of drums.

It helps to program and play musically-interesting drum parts and it's important to make sure they're all in complimentary tunings [unless you purposely want them to jar against each other]. Once you've got that all in order it's all about your transients and your compression. Bit of EQ helps too.

It's a huge subject and one I can't even start to cover in 1000 characters, but experimentation is key. It really helps to be able to think like a drummer so watch as many drumming videos as you can on YouTube. Pay particular attention to people like Clyde Stubblefield and Bernard Purdie.

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