Which sennheiser headphones are you using? I thought it was the hd600 but I found out that there are also two more similar models in the market, the hd650 and hd660. I am looking for headphones to check the low end in my mixes and I would like to know how satisfied you are with what you are using.

Also, have you by any chance happened to hear the Kali Audio monitors (former JBL engineers). There is a lot of hype in forums and reviews but your opinion is much more appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Ott responded on 07/15/2019

I'm using HD650s, which I really like. They're comfortable and sonically quite neutral.

I haven't tried those monitors but I'm not really in the market for any. I'm an NS10-user for life. In thirty years of searching I've never heard anything that comes close, although for a time I was intrigued by Barefoot Micromains.

Unlikely I'd ever spend ELEVEN GRAND on a pair of speakers though. I'd rather donate it to an orphanage or a dog sanctuary or something.

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