Hello Ott, I haven't been around here in a while.. as I have finally saved up enough for a good DAW, Midi contoller, an Aura Handpan and some monitors. I am looking at buying my first Synth. I am stuck between the Roland System 1, Arturia Microbrute, or the Roland JD-XI.. Now for my question How do you start a track?

Ott responded on 07/16/2019

With an idea.

That's all it takes, one idea. Doesn't even need to be a good one, as you can discard it later. it's just a start point.

Have one idea and realise it. Then make something that works with it. Switch things on and off, make variations, derivatives. Keep doing that until it sounds finished.

Out of those three I'd take the Roland JD-XI.

EDIT: "Aura Handpan"? £1725 for a dustbin lid that plays 9 notes and sounds like an ice-cream truck? Madness. I'd fuck that off and get a Prophet or a Prologue instead.

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