Ott responded on 07/16/2019

Yes, I did consider that but occasionally I have to use a trackpad when working on just my laptop and I find them a bit clumsy. I've had a mouse in my right hand for thirty years and it's a bit disconcerting [and slow] trying to use anything else. See also: trackballs, gfx tablets, etc.

Still, at least they didn't put the FUCKING CHARGE SOCKET UNDERNEATH!!

One theory I read about why they did that, thus making the Magic Mouse 2 unusable whilst charging, is so that your granny and grandad wouldn't leave theirs plugged in permanently, thus making it look to all the world like a wired mouse circa 1989.

I remember staring at it in disbelief, consumed by that familiar rage that makes Apple so throughly detestable as a company.

Which reminds me: with regard to the pop-up box that pesters me to upgrade to the latest OS, the result of which will be my audio hardware not working for the next five months, the opposite of 'Install now' is not 'Ask me later'.


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