Hi Ott! Thanks for a lot of lovely music and unique inspiration. Are you having a nice summer?

Ott responded on 07/16/2019


Yes, I'm having a lovely summer thanks. I'm mainly in my studio writing my new album, and rehearsing with the band at weekends, in preparation for our set at Ozora this year. The weather has been exceptional and I've been getting out on my bicycle, doing 20-mile rides around the countryside around our house, and throwing sticks into rivers for the amusement of our dogs.

We [Zoe, Daisy and the dogs and I] spent last weekend at the beach in Bude, Cornwall, perched atop a cliff in our van and occasionally scrambling down to the beach for a swim and a woof.

I also got to ride my motorbike round the coast road and through the amazing landscapes of Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor.

Mainly, though, sitting in my studio drinking tea and plugging synthesisers into each other until they do cool things.

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