Hi Ott,

I love the cover art of Skylon. It reminds me of old Soviet posters. I was wondering, is it original artwork or an actual Soviet poster that turned into a cover art? Did you choose that artwork? How was the creating process of that artwork and what were your contributions to it?


Ott responded on 08/10/2019

I'd finished the album and I needed some artwork. Twisted Records suggested a Romanian artist they knew called Matei Apostolescu. He sent over an idea which consisted of a huge and impressive 3D robot collage with another piece he did called 'Runway/Runaway' inserted down in one corner.

The robots were genius and very well done but at that time everyone was putting futuristic 3D renderings on their covers. The feeling I had for Skylon was that I wanted it to be both organic and optimistic so I asked him to zoom in on the grainy Soviet-era kids and aeroplanes, leaving the robot to encroach ominously from the side. What you see is what he did.

I love it. I love the grainy, dirty clouds and the beaming expressions on the children's faces.

Also, the Tupolev TU154 is an iconic plane.

The album is named after this:

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