Hi Ott!
I really love your music, and I have a lot to tell you. Fairchildren is the best album I have ever heard !! From start to finish, it's really beautiful. But my question is directed towards your origins, I would like to know how you started in music? I would also like to compose music and I would be inspired to read your story since I don't know where to start

Ott responded on 11/25/2019

1973 [aged 5]: Saw this on TV and realised I wanted to dress up like a lady and play a guitar shaped like a piece of lightning:

1979 [aged 11] saw this and realised I wanted to be the drummer in a Ska band.

1983 [aged 15] Heard this and realised that I wanted to shut myself in a dimly-lit room with too many synthesisers.

1991 [aged 23] I heard this and realised that nothing would ever be the same again:

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