Hello Ott! Are you more of a coffee or a tea guy? Do you experience negative consequences of being overcaffeinated? I just freaking love coffee myself, but not sure if it significantly affects my mind and perception in negative ways. It's possibly the last addiction I cannot beat and cost/return ratio is so blurry to me that I need an external advice from a man I cannot respect more.

Ott responded on 11/24/2019

I drink gallons of tea [English style, strong with milk, no sugar] and absolutely detested coffee until 2009, when, on holiday in Italy I decided to try a cappuccino instead.

Mind blown. My first caffeine rush. I'll never forget it.

As soon as we got home I bought an espresso machine and since then I enjoy one cappuccino a day.

The second cup never quite hits the spot, so I stick at one.

Google "Dave Grohl Hospitalised Coffee" to find out what happens if you have the second cup.


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