Good Otting. 7 years ago you were saying that Reason mixer's EQs and compressors were kind of subpar. Do you think they've got better over those years? I am asking because this mixer is so good in all other regards.

Ott responded on 11/24/2019

It's not so much that anything is 'sub-par' - I just don't enjoy mixing in that environment.

Since Reason 11 you can load Reason racks as VST3 plugins in Ableton Live and that is a fucking game changer. I now mix in Ableton Live with loads Reason EQs and compressors, and it sounds magnificent.

I used to mix in Cubase but these days it feels clunky and old compared to Ableton Live so that's now my preferred environment.

If you like mixing in Reason then I'd say go for it. There's certainly no inherent sonic deficiency.

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