Hi Ott!

Your music means a lot to me, thank you for making such a difference.
I always wonder about one particular line on the amazing "Signals from Bob" song. One, at the beginning and the other around 4:30 minutes or so. What it's about?

Hope you and your family are having a great time.

Much love,

Ott responded on 11/24/2019

At the time I wrote it two people of great importance to me had recently died: Bob Moog [inventor of the Moog Synthesizer] and Robert Anton Wilson, my favourite author.

The sample is Robert Anton Wilson talking about how language enables humans to send signals down the generations. Our ancestors can send us messages from another time by writing ideas down in books, painting pictures and writing music.

Both Bobs will be sending important evolutionary signals for many years, even though they no longer inhabit our conscious world.

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