I see that you are using the Behringer producer x32 and waves server and soundgrid, can you enlightening us to the quality of the Behringer, as i had in the past had not so good expieriences, i understand the Midas guys are involved, also workflow with the waves in out and mixing, seems like a nice hybrid.

Ott responded on 11/24/2019

The Behringer X32 is probably one of the best *things* I've ever owned. I've had four* of them: one full-size, bought for a tour and then sold again, a Producer which was bought for the band and then retired to my studio, a Rack which used to be part of my touring rig and a Midas M32C which is currently part of my touring setup.

I can't fault them in anyway really. I think the hardware and software design is excellent, the build quality adequate for studio applications and sonically they're as good or better than anything comparable and significantly better than some mixers of twice the price. The built in effects are superb and I use them a lot.

With the Waves X-WSG card fitted it slots into my setup seamlessly and never gives any trouble.

I wish it did 96kHz but that's my only gripe.

*[In case you're wondering, I bought them all full-price with my own money.]

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