Listening to Blumenkraft, and started to ask myself
"Why does he call Tulse Hill "Tulse Hell"?"

So, why do you call it Hell instead of Hill?

Ott responded on 01/05/2020

During the late 1990s I was sharing a flat with a friend in Tulse Hill when everything started to go wrong. I’d hurt my back and was in a lot of pain, mental and physical, and then the friend and I fell out really badly. The atmosphere in the flat quickly descended into hideousness.

I desperately wanted to get out of London and to live somewhere with clean air and no police sirens but I lacked the resources and physical ability to do it. After what felt like a monumental effort I managed to find a house I could afford in Frome, Somerset and one rainy day in 1998 I moved myself, my few tatty possessions and my cat out of Tulse Hell and into a cottage overlooking Cley Hill, a few miles from Nunney Catch.

Thus began one of the happiest times of my life, out in the fresh air, hills and fields, with my studio and my cat for company. It was pure joy.

“Escape From Tulse Hell” was the second thing I wrote there. “Somersettler” was the first. “Cley Hill” was third.

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