What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you, whilst on tour ?

Ott responded on 12/19/2019

It was the last night of a hideous German tour with a band called Silverfish.

At the post-gig dinner somebody ordered four bottles of tequila and then I woke up 10 hours later naked on the floor of a German hotel room, covered in blood, with a housekeeper and the hotel manager standing over me going "The bed - is kaput!"

Every single fixture and fitting was destroyed, the minibar was empty and on its side, the TV was in the bath, the bed was upside down and every slat in the bed base had been methodically broken. My mattress was in the car park, 7 storeys below. At some point in the night I had become naked [no idea how] and had spent the night rolling around in broken glass.

My only memory was of various band members charging into my room unannounced, letting off fire extinguishers, shouting and smashing open my minibar with a screwdriver.

Apparently it was tradition to trash the sound guy's hotel room on the last night of the tour.

They paid for the damage and we left.

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