To what extent (if any) would you say that procrastination has been a hindrance to your creativity ?

Ott responded on 01/03/2020

[One second, I’m alphabetising my sock drawer.]

Hugely. One of the pitfalls of working on a computer is that the internet is only one click away and the internet is full of stuff which is way more interesting than chopping up a bass guitar take into 1600 individual notes with a mouse.

I’m disastrously easy to distract [every one of my school reports said so] and I suspect that I’d have been diagnosed ADD had I been born ten years later.

At some point every day I realise I have a laptop, an iPad and an iPhone open on my desk and I’m cross-referring an 1832 photo of Bristol with Google StreetView, watching a documentary about the resignalling off the west-coast mainline in 1970, reading a history of the Russian ‘Ekranoplan’ project and bidding on a broken spring reverb from Bulgaria. And answering questions on here.

In 2012 I bought an app called ‘Freedom’ which essentially fucks your internet connection for a set number of hours. It’s the only reason any music ever gets made.

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