How do you reconcile the (presumably) considerable difference between the extraverted nature of being on tour and the more introverted nature of producing music at home/studio. Are you an ambivert?

Ott responded on 01/03/2020

I've never heard that word before but, yes, it's an excellent way to describe me.

For years I assumed I was an extrovert. I was a bit of a show-off kid, always had my hand up when it was time for the school play and assumed I was going to be either an actor or a pop-star.

But recently I read a list of introvert traits and was shocked to discover they fitted me better than the extrovert list. I realised then that I was actually an introvert who had learned how to play the part of an extrovert.

I enjoy being on stage and big crowds don't scare me [as long as the stage crew have their shit together] but when I'm on stage I'm completely alone, just me and the music. I have my eyes closed most of the time and occasionally I open them and remember that there's 1000 people in the room with me.

I love meeting people afterwards though and I've had some nights where the after show banter with the audience has been more fun than the gig.

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