Hi Ott, thank you for existing and thank you for your genius music. Your music has not only helped me through the darkest times of my life (winter depression in Scandinavia), but also enhanced the very brightest moments (sitting on a hill in Wales, watching the sunset with some horsies and listening to One Day I Wish I Had This Time). So, my question is, are you heading towards Europe for a gig at some point? UK? I love you, thank you again.

Ott responded on 01/14/2020

I know I'm playing Psy-Fi in the Netherlands later this year, which is always a great set. I'm also playing in Poland and at Ozora Festival in Hungary. I wish Emmaboda festival would invite me back because I love it there, and I'd quite like to play at Midnight Sun in Norway again.

And I'm glad to be of service. x

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