What is it good for?

Answers on a postcard, starting "I'm not a racist, but..."

Hopefully we'll join back in a few years and have to explain the whole nonsense to our baffled kids.

Ott responded on 02/07/2020

Brexit has been sold as a “people’s” movement but I think a decade or two of hindsight will show it was only ever about the rich and powerful remaining rich and powerful.

For many hopeful people Brexit is seen as a way of turning back the clock to some kind of golden age, a way of making the world feel like it did when they were young. Many of them are old enough that they’ll never have to face the disappointment of finding out they were mistaken, but the idiocy of leaving the largest and most successful trading bloc in the world will become abundantly clear to future generations.

For anyone shielded from the consequences by wealth or connections, life will go on as normal. For a few, whose fortunes are hidden offshore and whose tax arrangements don’t bear close scrutiny, things will improve. I’m sure we’re all happy for them.

But for the majority, particularly those whose livelihoods depend on the frictionless flow of goods and services, life is going to become more difficult..

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