Helloo Ott! What is your microphone of choice for recording vocals and/or percussion? Bonusquestion: how many mics/which models are in your studio and do you record totally dry or into any effects/eq?

Ott responded on 06/27/2011

I own one microphone, a Rode NT-2. I use it for everything. I record straight into an RME Fireface with no fx as it is very difficult [not to mention pointless] to try to get the EQ right on a set of congas while you're actually playing them.

I'm going to be buying some more mics when I get my new studio built as I want to record my drumkit. I'll probably get a set of AKG clip-on drum mics and a stereo pair of ribbon mics for the room. No idea which models but there are plenty to choose from these days.

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