Please could you tell me what set up you have (i.e. which software/hardware n which plugins you use) for producing such amazing music? I'd love 2 know the process behind ur custom sound:) Peace Coz

Ott responded on 08/30/2011

Software-wise it's just the usual stuff; mainly Nuendo but also Reason, Ableton Live and, more recently, Logic Pro having just recently crossed to the dark side and bought a MacBook Pro. I'm hoping I won't have to start riding a longboard and wearing thick black hipster/nerd glasses now.

I should point out that the equipment doesn't make the music and I could just as easily make records on a laptop and a few hundred pounds worth of software. I have all that shit because I saw Keith Emerson on TV when I was four years old and it blew my mind. That's the only reason.

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