Hey Ott, what has been you biggest aha! moment in music creation. Some point where you were programming a synth or tweaking a compressor where you just thought "oh fuck! that's how that works!!"

Ott responded on 09/21/2011

Funny enough it was while tweaking a compressor.
In about 1991 I was recording a dreadful indie band in studio 2 at Von's Recording Studios and trying to make the drummer sound a bit less shit. I remembered reading that compressors made drums sound better but every time I tried one it just seemed to turn stuff down and I couldn't see the point. This band were so crap I could barely stay awake so to try to keep myself occupied I put a Drawmer DL221 across the kick drum and fiddled with it randomly. After a few minutes the kick suddenly started sounding amazing and I suddenly knew why compressors are important. So I put one on every sound and everything I did for the next three years was a pumping, distorted mess. Took a while to learn to do it with finesse.

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