First; thank you for being the shaman to every one of my consciousness expanding experiences. second; What was going through you're head while making The Aubergine of The Sun?

Ott responded on 09/23/2011

"How do I express 'happy' in sound?"

"Shit, it's 5:30am again."

"I wish my ASIO drivers would stop resetting themselves."

"I need more RAM. I'll have to upgrade to a 64-bit OS."

"Too much bass trapping or not enough?"

"Those bass harmonics sound amazing. Go Chris."

"This was the first piece of music I started after Daisy was born."

"Cheeky bastard, complaining about my music when I've been listening to his angle grinder for three weeks."

"There is something historically complete about having an SH101, a MonoPoly, an MS20 and a TB303 all playing the same synth part in unision."

"Zoe is The Aubergine of the Sun."

"Nick threw these guitars down in under an hour and they sound amazing."

"Tonsils out? Bloody hell, that's going to hurt."

"I'm going to email RME and ask them why these bloody drivers keep resetting."

"Glad I didn't sell my mixer."

"I love the bit where it stops and goes down to just drums, bass and TB303."

"I think Daisy should have the last word."

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