Can you walk us through the steps on how to make the perfect cup of tea? Please treat this like you would be talking to someone who has never made proper tea but is curious about the process. Thank u!

Ott responded on 09/23/2011

1. Warm the teapot by pouring in boiling water. Leave for a couple of minutes while you re-boil the kettle with freshly drawn water.

2. Just before the kettle boils again pour the water out of the teapot and spoon in the tea - one teaspoon per person and one 'for the pot'. Assam would be my choice.

3. As the fresh water comes to the boil pour it onto the leaves. It *has* to be boiling. Not just hot, boiling.

4. Leave it to brew for at least two minutes but longer if you like your tea stronger.

5. Take a cup, preferably white china, and add milk to taste. I prefer soya milk but semi-skimmed [2%] works too.

6. When the tea is brewed, pour it into the cup through a tea strainer.

7. Add sugar if you're a sick pervert with no class.

8. Stir.

Contrast this with the standard American cup of tea:

1. Get cup.

2. Pour in tepid water.

3. Put on counter with dismal Liptons teabag still in envelope.

4. Add sachet of Coffee Mate.

5. Scowl.

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