In the track "A nice little place" what is the recording, which starts around 6.26 mins, of?

Ott responded on 09/25/2011

It is a single-take recording of me in my studio hitting 'stop' on my sequencer, walking across the room past my rather tacky 'water feature', opening the door, walking through my garden, opening the gate, closing it behind me, walking across the yard and through the back door where I discover my beautiful wife, Zoe, preparing her amazing chicken risotto.

I pass the microphone briefly over the pan of risotto as Zoe starts relating a story about how Daisy, our daughter, just picked up the phone and when asked by some mystery adult 'Can I speak to your mum?' she replied 'No.' and put the phone down.

By that time 'Mouse Eating Cheese' is well under way but you can clearly here Zoe say 'Is your mum there? No!' and we both laugh.

On that song there are field recordings from San Francisco, New York, Melbourne, Budapest, Mumbai, London, Stonehenge, Avebury and Barcelona taken by Naked Nick and I on our Zoom H2 recorders.

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